Current Projects

Sri Sakthi Residential Programme for Orphan Girls

Each year a select number of girls are taken into the organization and provided free education, accommodation and other basic amenities to enable them to lead a dignified life. We use the following criteria for selection:

  • Orphan or semi-orphan girl, coming from an economically needy family.
  • The girl should have the perseverance to improve.

Each girl’s socio-economic and educational background is carefully scrutinized before admission is done. According to their aptitude and capability, the girls are enrolled in different courses such as engineering, medicine, commerce, and vocational courses. These girls are provided free accommodation, food, college fee, bus passes, hostel expenses, stationery, and books. For deserving students, coaching for competitive exams like EAMCET is also provided. CSS started with strength of 6 girls which has now grown to 70 girls studying in various disciplines.

All the expenditure of the residential girls for food, clothing, shelter, education, medical and incidentals are met by CSS. Girls who are good in academics are encouraged to reach their potential but those who are not academically inclined are not discouraged from getting admitted into CSS. Our doors are always open to an orphan girl irrespective of academic achievements. CSS strongly feels that every child has unique abilities and when properly trained in various vocational courses they too will be able to lead a dignified life and make a success of their chosen career.

Girls at Centre for Social Service found a benevolent sister in Ms Shobha Tummala, BE (Michigan State University), MBA (Harvard Business School), founder and CEO of ‘Shobha’, Michigan, USA.

She has fused her Indian heritage and her goal of natural beauty into her wholesome brand ‘Shobha’. She envisions superior quality not only for services and products for her clients. May be it is this vision and compassion that motivated her to improve the quality of young lives in India also. She came forward with a donation to reimburse a part of the expenditure for the construction of the CSS residential home. A plaque has been inscribed and fixed in the building to honor Ms Shobha and her grandparents In recognition of her support to CSS.

CSS Nimmagadda Anandamma Memorial Girls School for economically and socially deprived girls

It has been a cherished dream of CSS to impart education to economically and socially deprived girls right from primary level. This would have remained a dream but for the help of Nimmagadda Foundation which has come forward to sponsor the construction of the school building.

Nimmagadda foundation is a philanthropic initiative of Mr. Nimmagadda Prasad. It was set up to work in areas like healthcare, education, life skills improvement and community development. Philanthropy and entrepreneurial spirit go hand in hand with its founder. A standing example is CSS-NAM Girls School.

The Bhoomi Pooja for the school was done by Sri Nimmagadda Vijaya Saradhi and his wife Smt Nimmagadda Satyavati and Nimmagadda Swathi and family members. Honoring their contribution the girl’s school is named after his mother Smt Nimmagadda Anandamma. Nimmagadda Anandamma Memorial GIRLS SCHOOL was officially started on 18th July, 2009.

CSS has no funds from Government. All the requirements of the students like uniforms, stationary, text books etc are provided by individual and group sponsorers.

Dr. Lakshmi Ganga Swayam Sakthi Project for women in socially and economically challenged situations

On January 26th 2010, Centre for Social Service started its third project. Dr. Ganga C Choudary, a benevolent donor, wanted to utilize his retirement benefits for a good cause. His wife Dr. Lakshmi Ganga motivated him to channelize his donations to help unfortunate women in need, especially where socio-economic norms dictate the life and fate of many of them. They acquired a small property along with a house and donated it to start this project. Honoring their noble thought the third project is named - Dr. Lakshmi Ganga Swayam Sakthi Project.

The main aim of the project is to help women in crisis situations by giving them counseling, temporary shelter and livelihood skills to make them emotionally and economically strong to face life with renewed hope. Various short and long term trainings were undertaken in Dr. Lakshmi Ganga Swayam Sakthi Project. Around 90 women got free training in tailoring under this project. To give the program a structured and sustained form with direct connect with customer’s base, an offshoot of the Dr. Lakshmi Ganga Swayam Sakthi project, Swayam Sidha Units were started at Bundlaguda near Nagole. Sri Nageshwar Rao and Smt. Vishala met the expenditure for stilt, 1st and 2nd floors of the building which houses the units. Sri Ganga Choudarygaru and Smt. Lakshmi Gangagaru bore the expenditure of the 3rd and 4th floors. Thanks to the persistent support of many of CSS ardent supporters and IDF who sponsored the equipment for the tailoring unit, Sri Jagangaru who sponsored books for the library, Swayam Sidha units started taking shape.

Swayam Sidha Units

Dhanwanth Marriage Bureau - A marriage bureau with a difference, finds matches across all caste, creed and religion

Dharani Sarees Rolling Unit – Provides livelihood to a few slow learners from CSS residential girls program

Divya Tailoring Unit - Provides livelihood to Swayam Sakthi women trained in CSS

Darpan Beauty Parlor - Provides livelihood to a few CSS residential girls

Vindhya Lending Library - To inculcate the habit of reading in young and old

Vipra Banquet hall - To provide an affordable venue for to people from all walks of life

Deshna Boutique – Provides livelihood to Swayam Sakthi women trained in CSS

Community based Day-care for Elderly Women Program

CSS started a small community based program at Vetapalem, a Day-care for Elderly Women. In this village economically struggling families find it very hard to properly take care of the elderly women in their families, especially those who no longer contribute to the family. These women come to the CSS shelter, cook their lunch with the provisions provided by CSS, spend the day in a peaceful and clean environment and go back to their homes in the evening. CSS is running this program with sponsorship from Vasudha Foundation. Around 20 women benefit from this program.